Interstudio – Visual identity
New visual identity for Interstudio.
Flügger Annual Report
Annual report 2018/19 for the leading danish painting company Flügger.
Quiksilver – Deep Blue Denim
Deep water fish created with photos of jeans and a lot of photoshop.
MLA Motors
Hagedornhagen – Volatile
Art posters for hagadornhagen AW15 collection. Flowers frozen in liquid nitrogen.
Digital imaging
Hagedornhagen – Folium mug
3D visualization of hagedornhagen's new folium mug
Quartz & Co
Energiindustriens historiske omstilling og betydning for Danmark
Hagedornhagen – Coral press photo
Press photo for hagedornhagen, for the launch of their new coral posters. The image is a combination of 3D, photography and digital imaging.
Photos for VW Denmark
Showroom Lamborghini Copenhagen
Photo of Lamborghini Copenhagen showroom
Lamborghini Aventador
Photo for Lamborghini Copenhagen
SteelSeries – SH***Y sound ruins your game
SH***Y sound ruins your game
Home – Spring campaign
Visual effects for real-estate chain
Key visual for Sprite
Ikea – Winter
IKEA - Ekstra meget IKEA for pengene
Ekstra Bladet – Toilet
Toilet "Las Vegas Style"
Brobizz – 3D-icons for homepage
Icons for
BG Bank
3D graphics
Matilde – 3D-pack shot for TVC
Animation for TVC
Nestle – Package visualization
Nestle needed to visualize their Passion-ice as sales catalog was printed, and the ice was not yet in production.
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